Thursday, January 12, 2012

Viking Knit Tool Review …

You may remember my DIY Viking Knit Tutorial of a few weeks back where I showed you how I make this age old and super versatile wire chain using a pencil, a smidge of sellotape and a wooden draw plate as my only tools?

I mentioned that there were fancy schmancy tools available as well.  Ahem… curiosity got the better of me and when I saw one available here in NZ … I purchased one – The Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Wireworking Tool by Stephanie Eddy.

Here are the results…

The shorter silver chain is straight off the tool, the longer has been pulled through a draw plate to the third largest hole. 

Silver chain has been made with 24 gauge wire, deep plum is 28 gauge.

Now I have to say it’s a useful little tool – I love the fact that it has a hole near the top which makes adding new wire very easy, it also has a groovy wee feature at the end where you can easily and quickly shape end caps for your larger chains.

On the downside … it’s plastic.  This means it’s harder on your colour coated wire with the potential to strip the colour off as you work the wire - even the best of colour coated wire needs a gentle hand/tools.  This is not a problem you have with a wooden pencil which has far more ‘give’.
But, if you just use the tool with plain copper, gold, silver or brass wire you should be sweet
The almost finished bracelet (featuring gorgeous lampwork focal bead from Bobbie Pene) just requiring some sea-toned crystal clusters one either side

So in summary I would say this … both options give the same result in roughly the same time.  If you like tools and will be making a lot of chain in non-coated wire – the Lazee Daizee could well be your new best bud!  If you want to make Viking Knit with different types of wire and using items already in your stationery stash – I’d suggest you stick to your pencil and tape Smile.


  1. Thank you for sharing what you have learned about the Lazee Daizee. I was thinking about getting one and I would only use copper, brass or Sterling wire. And thank you for the mention ;) I love how that focal bead looks with the viking bracelet xo

  2. Doesn't that look so cool!
    Anything that is knitting and wire is impressive to start with and the result it fab!

  3. Super-informative review, thanks Mel! It's one thing I haven't tried yet but would like to (it's on my list!). Interesting to hear both sides of the argument (I'm a DIY girl too LOL). And I LOVE the bracelet - the viking knit really shows off Bobbie's gorgeous bead. Beautifully made - love how neat and tidy it is :)

  4. I'm sure it would work well for you Bobbie - you know who has them in your neck of the woods huh? Give me a yell if not and I can tell you as it's where I got mine :)

    Thanks Gill ;)

    I love this focal bead of Bobbies, Amanda. I've finished the bracelet now and it has a 'swirl' of swarovski bicones in complementary colours beside each end of the bead to really make it 'pop'!!


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