Monday, January 9, 2012

The Colours I Love...

I was so excited to find my absolute favourite colour (Ok, there are actually two I love that tie equally for my affections!) while flipping through Next Magazine (Nov 11 edition) recently.  No-one in my household (all boys) 'got' why I was so delighted but I know you'll understand :). 

I can't quite come to terms with the cost enough to buy it for myself but I will be leaving subtle hints around the house nearer my birthday for YSL La Laque Nail Lacquer No. 43 - what very well may be THE perfect colour! (Maybelline Express in Timely Turquoise - you're not far off the mark too! )

And since I've mentioned it (and I wouldn't normally treat you to a picture of my feet!), my other - make me insanely happy - colour is Revlon's Violet - the most beautifully rich vibrant shade of deep violet purple ever!

I often think about how we are all 'drawn' to different colours and I must admit when it comes to creating jewellery I have an affinity to most in the colour spectrum (slightly less so to yellow and brown), and I love the different moods and feeling that can be evoked by mixing unusual colour combinations.

So, tell me, what are your favourite colours/ colour mixes?


  1. Cool toes Mel, I love the blending of the color of rainbows, the flow of one color into the next in the sky is just magical, cheers Marie

  2. Great nail varnish!
    I had the best orange toe nails for xmas, now they are neon pink and I've been eying up a lime green, though others I've found have become a bit watery when I've put them on. It's my new quest - to find a non watery lime green nail varnish! Very worthwhile use of time I'm sure :-D

  3. Wow Gill - Lime green sounds fabulous. Have you tried OPI or China Glaze? They have fabulous brights at the moment.


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