Monday, May 16, 2011

New Range Name - the choice has been made!

A big thank you to everyone who offered suggestions for a 'Collection' name for my wire wrapped/woven designs as requested last week - there were so many wonderful ideas and I truly value your comments.  I can't tell you how hard it was to decide!

There was one name that particularly stood out to me and embodies everything I personally see in the pieces I have, and will create, in this range.

The name I have chosen is...da da dah..... Tidal Treasures ... and this beautiful name was thought up by Niki Gribble - thanks so much Niki. I'll be in touch very shortly to arrange delivery of your earring prize :)


  1. What a lovely name - perfect.

  2. Great name! Really suits the pieces :-)

  3. That's a perfect name! I tried to come up with a name and nothing came to mind. I'm glad that someone else was able to think up something so good.

  4. Fantastic name, it even pulls me in - like the moon pulls the tide...

  5. Thank you kindly Natalie, Gill, Marie, Silverlight and Louise. And yes, I'm with you Louise - I was so drawn to it!


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