Thursday, May 19, 2011

Publicity and a Light Tent

Sharing a little of my week with you today!  Some unexpected publicity and a new toy :)
'Snapped' at Havelock North's Art & Craft Market (top right in case it doesn't look like me!)

My new light tent arrived yesterday :)
I scored a great bargain on 'Sella' auction site earlier this week - I've always wanted a light tent for taking product photos, but baulked at the ridiculous price for a bit of fabric and steel frames.  This little beauty was a third - ½ the price I've seen them for, came with 4 different coloured backgrounds and a carry case.  Can't wait to take some product photos - better make some things!

Some warm and toasty favourites from this week...

Black lattice fingerless mitts - Merino and Possum
Soft Cotton Crochet Cowl in BLUE CHARCOAL
felted slippers

Hope you're keeping warm (if you're in New Zealand) :)

Mel x


  1. Fabulous Mel! Check you out! ;D I have a light tent but never use it - you could have bought one from me! Maybe someone else might like to buy it... They are handy things. Do you have lights for it? They work best with lights on both sides.

  2. Oh no Louise, if only I'd known you had one!!

    Yes, I have two lights (with daylight bulbs :) )

  3. Fantastic! The light tent looks really good, I can't wait to see the new photos taken in it!


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