Monday, May 9, 2011

Help?! What's in a Name?

Hello lovely people, I have a favour to ask of you today :)

I would love your help in naming my wired paua range.  These pieces currently sit under my Sea Garden Collection, but I really feel they deserve their own identity/collection name :). 

So I'm putting it out there to you, my valued customers and friends to come up with a name that you think best describes my wire wrapped/woven and coiled embellished pieces such as the examples below.

As a token of my appreciation, the lovely person who comes up with the collection name I chose, will receive this pair of freshwater pearl 'Peacock Sway' earrings....

Please comment on this post, or on the Facebook update this will be linked to, or email me at .  (I will leave it open till Sunday, 15 May).

Thank you (in anticipation!)

Mel x


  1. I am thinking something to do with a labyrinth... they are so incredible, your pieces. Each time I look at them I find something else... then something else... They are beautiful. :)

  2. They have trails... little winding trails... like maps - what is the destination? ...

  3. Wow - so lovely Mel. Mmmm, something to do with Tangaroa's Taonga (Treasures of the God of the Sea).
    Paua Pockets?!
    Still thinking..... I love this game!

  4. I completely agree with Louise in what she sees...winding rivers or something of the like. Its like looking down from above the earth at all the different landforms.

  5. Something maybe to do with "Ocean Waves" sometimes calm sometimes rough, cheers Marie

  6. The wire wrapping reminds me of lace, quite delicate, especially with the beads in it too. Like paua doilies

    (though I might be a bit crochet blinded!)

  7. Yes! Relique, like 'Earth From Above'!! :D

  8. WOW, you guys are goooooodd!! Loving your suggestions, I can see it's going to be hard choosing :).

    Have to tell you Gill, you're right on the money with the lace mention! The technique with the loops is called needle lace (as in the embroidery technique!!). Clever, clever you ;)


  9. I am a little biased here Mel (my ocean inspired shoe sculpture)- but I do love the name "Ophelia". :))


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