Monday, April 4, 2011

My Favourite Tools

Pictured clockwise from top left - mini anvil, wooden draw plate, hammer, pin vise, jump ring maker, wire 'whacker'

Don't 'things' make a makers life much easier?! Depending on your creative bent, some are essential -  it may be your needles, sewing machine, scissors, brushes, pliers etc.  Others tools make a job that you could do the long way, faster and sometimes better!

Today I thought I'd show you my favourite new wire-working tools purchased partly to streamline the way I do things, partly so I could stop using my husband's panel beating tools (really not the same!), and partly because - to be honest - I LOVE tools!!

What are your favourite tools?


  1. I love tools too! My most recent purchase is my fav tool at the moment - hinges for screenprinting. So now the screen goes up and down and I can register it! To think for ten years I dicked around cleaning the screen each time so I could see through it and then went about lining it up by eye. I sometimes (have not done as many as I hoped for yet) have 'Tool Time' on my facebook page,

  2. Wow how interesting to look at your tools versus mine. I don't know what half of yours do! I'd love to see some of the lady herself in action. ;D

    Will have to do a 'tool' post soon too, thank you for the tip! Mine are all olde and vintage but lovely to work with!!

  3. Oh wow Lynn - how have I not found your page before! Have just 'liked' and checked out a couple of your tool time updates. I'll finish up my correspondence and head back there for a better look! Thanks.

    Oh you so don't want to see me using my tools in action Louise ... well it might provide a good laugh! I broke my hand years ago and it didn't quite set right so I sometimes have rather umm interesting ways of holding and using tools! But I would love to read a post on your gorgeous olde vintage tools :) Yes please!

  4. You have super COOL tools Mel! I feel like I havent been near any of my tools in so long I couldnt tell you what my favourites are! working on fixing that though.... Hope you had a nice weekend lovely :)

  5. You're tools are cool and I find that I'm slightly jealous.
    I love to have 'stuff' for my crafting, there are only so many crochet hooks a girl can have, I guess that's why I have so much yarn :-)


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