Thursday, March 31, 2011

To Take Flight

Ah, but don't we all wish for wings sometimes?!    And if I could fly, I'd soar over some of my favourite coastline.

The view as I stopped on my way from school drop off to work yesterday ... sigh... idyllic!

This week I've picked my favourite 'flight' related art from New Zealand marketplace with work by Black Swan, Tumbleweed, Sleep and her Sisters, Bibliographica, Elm Tree, Greenware NZ, Nicola Dawn Designs, XY Design, Hellorulz. Check 'em out ....

Red fantail brooch
Wings where I may never go...
"Bushbabies" Bat Child.
Dragonfly Vintage Dictionary Print


  1. How lovely Mel! Thank you for including my White Eye in your favourites this week. :) A gorgeous selection, Felt is really expanding it's wonderful isn't it? I love you photograph of the seaside. I also have this, and fear that I might take it for granted... my daily walk involves more ocean vistas than I used to get in one whole week when I lived in the city. Blessed! xx

  2. Some lovely things as always Mel.
    I do like the Silvery Wings :-)

  3. Hey Mel, your blog is looking beautiful! Love that photo of the coastline...and to think that was the view you had on your way to work - aren't we so lucky?! Heartfelt thanks to you for your wonderful words of support and encouragement that you always send my way - truly can't thank you enough! Happy weekend xx


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