Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sea Garden Inspiration and Felt Favs

I'm sometimes asked what has inspired the colours in my embellished paua pieces from my 'Sea Garden' Collection. 

Most often, I'm guided and inspired by the colours in the shell I'm working with which can actually vary greatly from pale silvery pink and subtle green shades to vibrant rich turquoises, emerald greens and shimmery purples - divine! Often too, different landscapes and panoramas take my eye. 

This week, I took a picture on my walk home from work.  We'd had a thunderstorm earlier in the day and the sky still held storm clouds in beautiful bluey greys.  The sea was a really unusual teal colour which I didn't manage to accurately capture on my phone camera!

The view!

The bead 'soup' inspired by the view

The finished bracelet
And on a completely seperate subject ... my weekly Felt Favs Showcase....

I am loving all things crochet ... too, too cool... or warm as the case may be!!

Here are just a few of my favourite crocheted finds from this week...

SUMMER SALE Stunning Gold Evening Poncho
Crochet Mary Jane Slippers in BERRY - newborn, 3m or 6m
Purple Crochet and Felted Hand bag
Piha Newsboy


  1. Paua is a lovely medium to work with Mel because of the colour possibilities. You use it well and your work is gorgeous :)

  2. I love how you get all inspired by what you see around you Mel - brilliant :-)

    (and thanks for the mention, and you're right crochet is cool :-) )

  3. Thank you Bobbie - your encouragement means a lot to me :)

    Hi Gill, often I'm not even conscious of it but when I stop and think ... ! I bet you find the same with your work? :) (and you're most welcome)

  4. Loving the bead soup. beautiful colors, cheers Marie

  5. Lovely bracelet Mel!! I used to have a white crocheted poncho in those long ago days when such things were "in" (macrame etc.):) - I wonder if they'll come back into fashion :)


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