Thursday, September 5, 2013

Latest Earrings and How to Create a No-Fail Earring Wire Template

Earrings how I love wearing thee!! 

I do love necklaces too - and rings and bracelets but I tend not to wear the last two often because I spend so much time using my hands creating and typing during the day it’s just not practical.  Even my wedding ring has been put aside during the day after a recent mis-adventure when a piece of wire I was working with (ironically making a wire-wrapped ring!) got caught under my wedding ring and somehow in a plier hinge and the result was a near dislocated finger - yeeouchie!!

Anyway, I digress!  With earrings – even in my klutziest moment, I really can’t damage myself :-).

I’m having a real love affair with swirly, ‘flowy’ earring wires at the moment.  Earrings you can add bead dangles too or simply wear on their own.

Because I can see me making quite a few of these with different colours and types of dangles, I’ve created some templates – wanna know my tips for getting perfect symmetry in your earring pair? 

IMG_7602 IMG_7603
  1. Using some scrap craft wire of the same gauge as your good wire, measure the length of wire and then start forming it into the shape you’ve imagined. 
  2. Cut off any excess wire and measure it.  Subtract this from your original measurement and this will tell you how much you used to make your ear wire. 
  3. Now put your formed ear wire in a photocopier and hit copy!  This gives you a true-life template to put under your good wire as you form it, ensuring you get the same design and both your left and right wires will be exactly the same too! 
  4. Don’t forget to write the length of wire you have calculated on the template so you always know how much to cut with no wastage.
E430c  E430g


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