Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bead Soup Storage and Paualiciousness!

Why I didn’t do this earlier I really don’t know!  Glass topped storage containers in a metal tray complete with lid are just THE perfect place to store the ‘bead soup’ mixes I make up for my Sea Garden pieces, and last week I finally got one! 
And while moving my bead soup mixes from their previous homes of many mini spaplock bags in bigger snaplock bags in a giant snaplock bag – I discovered some natural oval paua pieces I had forgotten I had.  So I made myself an adjustable macrame bracelet – just because!  I really love it and think I may make more to sell :)
Look what I have soaking in buckets in my backyard – paua loveliness courtesy of my diving mad brother-in-law over from their 2nd home in Aus to spend a few weeks touring the South Island with a couple of trips to his favourite diving spot in Hawkes Bay for good measure.  Can you spot the North Island paua and the South?
One on the left below is North Island, right is South Island.  NI paua tends to have more pink and green tones, SI paua is richer purples, blues and teals.  Colder water and deeper makes all the difference and SI paua also tends to have thicker gnarlier outer shells.
  IMG_6132 IMG_6133
Check out the paua ‘pearls’ that have naturally formed in this shell – the ‘bumpy’ bits towards the lip at the top where little irritants (probably sand) have got in and layers of nacre have formed.  Nature at it’s super coolest!
Next step after soaking?  Some serious cleaning and grinding.  I’ll keep you posted with progress :)


  1. wow - look at all that paua loveliness!!!! It just evokes all the moods and mystery of the ocean! loving your macrame bracelet too - just teaching my wee gracie some macrame bead bracelet making... :)

    1. Isn't macrame so much fun Justine? I bet your daughter is loving it :). My friends dad taught me when I was probably the same age - he was a seaman and used to make hanging plant holders with marine rope - very, very cool!


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