Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making this week.. Embellished Paua Pendants

One of my latest favs to make are these smaller size embellished pendants finished with silk cord or satin rattail - I've found they're particularly popular with customers looking for an everyday piece or to give to relatives/friends living overseas. as a reminder of home.

I only have one of these lovelies left, so in my making area this week, it's all about embellished paua!

Once I have selected the paua pieces from my 'stash', I drill them ready for embellishing and then spend a ridiculous amount of time deciding just which colourway suits each individual shell piece - this is seriously the most time-consuming part but I just can't help myself! ....

Next, I pop each piece and the main selection of crystals, pearls etc, into snap lock bags I've pre-filled with seed beads to match the colour palette....

Then it's on to the most fun part... actually creating them!

Hopefully, I will have these all ready to load on my website this weekend.


  1. Lovely and organised! Well done Mel

  2. Looking so beautiful Mel - I love your creations and how you show us how you work. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I do get asked a lot Louise. Not so much the actual process per se but how I decide what colours go with the shell and then how I organise them :)


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