Monday, June 27, 2011

Just a Minute ... June

Listening to..

The sounds of two young friends (one my son) practicing guitar - and busking, and in a talent quest.   It's all about the music :)


OMG I have just been introduced to mulled wine - just .... as in yesterday at the Hastings Farmers Market.  I sampled it in a big building under a grandstand with a bitter wind whistling through and in the middle of the day but Oh, I can imagine how fabulous it would be on a cold winter night in front of a roaring fire!


With interest - the wierd weather. It's winter yet largely mild with spectacular days.  Not complaining but kinda curious as to why.

The cloudless view today from our lounge window!

Making one particular thing and having it morph into something completely different!  I've had the pleasure of making a friend's bridesmaids and flowergirl's jewellery recently and while working with some options for earrings to match the pendants, a whole new group of earrings was inspired for my Tidal Treasures collection!


To play UNO - my 8 year old loves card games and we're having lots of fun.


Some new description/pos cards to display on my stall at markets - co-ordinating my look and hopefully adding some visual interest.  I've also discovered a potential new necklace/earring display bust courtesy of the lovely Julia of Relique Jewellery and intend having a great play with these DIY beauties.

Well that was a quick round up of my happenings for June. Don't forget to pop a comment on this post if you decide to do your own ‘Just a …’ post - I'd love to read yours :)

Mel x


  1. Ooo I like Uno, especially in front of a fire with a glass of mulled wine :-)
    I'm slightly concerened about Mother Earth, I think she has a hormone imblance...

  2. Sounds like you've had an interesting June :-) I like you am wondering why this winter is so warm ... and I LOVE those earrings!!

  3. That sounds like a killer combo Gill - I'm all in for trying it!

    Thanks Julie, I think the best creations are often those you don't plan to death!

    Mel :)


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