Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Post Earrings of Every Type!

I decided the Queens Birthday long weekend was going to mean a 3 day break from making anything jewellery related to give my fingers a rest (too much wire-work = sore fingernails as well as fingers!).

I have to say it was easier said than done but thankfully it was a great weather weekend so I sent myself outside!

Today I was back with pliers in hand and got to work making some simple wrapped earrings based loosely on herringbone weave.  I'm often asked for 'post style' earrings by people who prefer these to hook style.

I love the simplicity of this look and started by making these two...

Swarovski Pearls - love 'em!

Lepidolite semi-precious rounds

Then got a little carried away and made another 5 pairs with everything from freshwater pearls to faceted black crystals to Coral rounds to Ruby Zoisite coins (all yet to be photographed)!  Never let it be said I do things by halves!!

Do you have something you love to make?


  1. Love them Mel, so cool,
    I love making wool figure shapes, cheers Marie

    1. Thanks Marie, good to make something you've been meaning to for a while! Loving your toadstool figures btw :)

  2. Wow Mel I just love these earrings, particularly the lower pair. I have my gypsy hoops on today - must say I wear them all the time and love them! :) Glad you had a nice weekend.

    1. Thank you lovely :) And I'm really pleased you still love your earrings - favourite things are special and I'm pleased something I created is special to you.

  3. How lovely these are Mel - simple and very elegant!


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