Monday, June 11, 2012

On the Wildflower Designs Making Table This Week...

Quite a bit planned to make this week as you can see here! 

Two wire framed pendants are nearing completion (using more Bobbie Pene lampwork beads). 

The round/rondelle shaped one you can see top centre of photo is a beautiful neutral greyish shade with beautiful swirls of deep blue/teal and the frame is a simple weave continued for the bail and will be finished with small wire swirls to secure the bead in place.  I'm loving the simplicity of the design and yet the way it highlights the beautiful focal.  I want a nice simple necklace for this one so will probably choose hand-dyed leather in a lovely deep blue.

Sea Garden pendants have been popular the last couple of weeks so I have more to make - I'll be focussing on a few smaller versions suitable for silk cords and thin leather, as well as some bigger, 'blingier' styles!

I'm also keen to get stuck into some paua and mop cufflinks which have been getting lots of comments thanks to the competition currently being run by Artiflax Ltd, and in which 3 sets of my cufflinks (and 3 pairs of earrings) are included in the prize packs. 

If you have had flowers by Artiflax Ltd in your wedding, you will be eligible to enter this photo competition which is open for entries from now until 30 June. Voting then opens to the public from 1-31 July to pick the winners.  The prize packs are just amazing ....

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