Monday, February 27, 2012

Market Preparations

Things are all go at my place as I rush to get everything ready for this weekend's Martinborough Fair.

Apart from making like crazy to get my stocks back up to a respectable level for such a huge event, I'm sharing a stall with my mother who is actually my helper but who I've insisted should be selling her paintings for her efforts too! 

We haven't had a stall together for a couple of years so had a trial setup over the weekend.  5 (yes FIVE) hours later we had a stall setup that I think will work brilliantly. 

Honestly, hanging paintings with thoughts of weatherproofing, ease of access and generally how to display was a challenge to say the least!

I'm really looking forward to a road trip with my mum, we really don't spend enough quality time together :)

Making the most of my lunch break at work (Thursday)

Casual Friday and the bracelet making continues ... notice the coke? Caffeine has now become very necessary!

Ignoring the creased table cover which bugged me the whole time! - we have a display that should work really well.

I love that my mum is inspired by so many different things.  She had to ask my son the names for the moves in her skateboarder series - funny :)


  1. Have a fabulous weekend. The display looks great :-)

  2. I really relate to your Mum, and wow we can see where the artist in you comes from! Have a wonderful day at Martinborough Fair.....reminds me of the Simon and Garfunkel song... are you going to ....borough fair?
    Enjoy:) Jane

  3. I think you're right guys - all the exposure to pottery and art as a kid must have sunk in - I'm not any good at either but the appreciation of colour and need to have a creative outlet most definately came from my mother!

  4. It's so great that you get to go with your mum. Have fun at Martinborough :)


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