Thursday, February 23, 2012

Christchurch Creatives - I salute you!

Yesterday was a time for reflection and rememberance for Cantabrians on the 1st anniversary of the devasting Christchurch Earthquake.

Today I want to celebrate and showcase some of the fabulous products of 18 talented makers I know from Christchurch and who I have met on-line or in person (some both!) and who have so impressed me with their resilience and determination to carry on doing what they do despite losing studios, equipment, being bogged down with liquefaction, having no utilities and facing hardships most of us can only imagine. 

I salute you : Justine - Redflax, Emma - Freedom Creative, Rose - Rose Among Thorns, Mel - Black Swan, Rosie - Rosie Miller, Bronwen - BK Crafts, Megan - Sly Fox, Kirsty - SugarSugar, Katherine - Oscar&George, Paula - Slipstitch, Joe - Bibbles Dribble Bibs, Erica - FunkyGlam, Fran - Frangipani, Gillian - Mudbird, Nin - Sailor Spy and The Wardrobe, Julia - Relique, and Brenda - Natural Star and Lucy of Felt.  You are AMAZING!

redflax original design - 'Arisone' mermaid/under the sea themed dress up costume...
Japanese Paper Magnets - set of four
8 soy melts – box set
Bicycle tote bag x2
Pintuck Dress - Mango
Kiwi Map Tee
Blue & Red Bird Ring
Pretty Button Necklace
Crayon Roll
Bibbles - Dribble Bibs (Retro Boys Set of 2)
Vintage Pendant, Steampunk Inspired with Swarovski crystal - Timeless Relic
Cross-over Cardigan
Mudbird Ceramic Red Thistle Dish
Holly Skirt
Peg Apron
Molten Raindrop Sterling Silver Earrings
Cable Beanie and Mittens Knitting Pattern


  1. Thank you for your support, and for thinking of us. :)

  2. Thanks Mel. Sure has been a life-changing event. One that has made us all stronger and more determined than ever I think.

    1. Certainly and wonderfully how it seems to me. There's a real determined streak in Cantabrians!!

  3. Thanks so much Mel for your support.

  4. Thank you Mel, it is very lovely of you think of us.

  5. I was there the other day, what an interesting mixture of emotions in the air.
    Nice celebration Mel :-)


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