Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fruit Bowl Craft Jam 2011

What a fabulous event Fruit Bowl Craft Jam is!  A HUGE thank you to my customers over the weekend :), here are some pics before and after (no chance to grab my camera 'during' !!)

Ready to go

Amazing venue - the plaza of the Opera House, Hastings

Jo Pearson (co-organiser extraordinaire manning the eftpos)

My mother behind the stall - where would we be without our 'helpers' ?!

Joy of Kazzalblue

Great to see stall holders who had travelled  from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch inc Belinda of Blendy (stall middle of pic) and Lucy of Felt.co.nz

And it begins..

Right of pic - Andy of Fat Spatula modelling his 'Haumoana Mens Knitting Club' T-shirts.  I saw two male stall holders knitting - wow!

Katherine of Sleep and Her Sisters


  1. Wow! A market eye-feast. What a wonderful place and day it looks to have been! Great you were too busy to get pics - but you managed to get a fair few! Just awesome. Thank you for sharing!

  2. What a hive of activity, and wonderful stall layouts, this is a fest in itself, the art of creative stall design, cheers Marie

  3. Exactly Louise and Marie! In fact if was all the 'v's - a visual treat, great vibe, and amazing variety, and let's throw in a 'q' for outstanding quality :)


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