Monday, November 14, 2011

What's on My Table Today - Paua Bracelet...

I'm making a couple of paua bracelets this week.  I was very pleased to find I still had some bright 'double sided' (ie, coloured back and front) paua shell pieces left after thinking I had run out.  These pieces were hand-picked for me by my friend Joy and her husband on a South Island visit so not easy to re-source once they're gone!

drilled and ready to go
On the bracelet base
Choosing colours to complement the shell is a major part of the fun.. here's my 'bead soup'
Sometimes I remove a colour to see if it works!  (not sure how those two red seed beads slipped into the mix by the way!)
Yup, much better with the bright peridot green included!

Will update with the finished product when complete :)

Update 23 November... and here it is..


  1. Colors play such a part in art, how you must love the sea Mel. cheers Marie

  2. These are just delightful Mel. I am sure I have some paua around my studio, just a few pieces, if I find it - I'll send it down... :)

  3. Looking forward to the finished product!

  4. Gorgeous bracelet!
    I thought about you and your creations Mel when we were in Bluff & Riverton, - seems to be a paua paradise down there :-)

  5. Peridot is a favourite green and works so well with paua. Its really cool to get an insight into your process. And the end result is WOW!!

  6. Oh don't tease me Gill - I really have to get down there on a buying mission!


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