Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Creative Space ... Wire Bracelet

This week I've been learning a special technique of wire knitting/crocheting from a fab tutorial by Yoola.

I had looked and looked at her work and just couldn't figure out how she achieved such a beautiful even finish - it was soon revealed!  Not a tutorial for beginners I would say (in case you're looking at purchasing it), Yael Falk aka Yoola is from Israel and while her English is very good and the pictures are clear, some things take a little reading between the lines and previous experience to master. 

This was my 1st attempt and not perfect but loads of fun!  Easily the most comfortable bracelet I have ever worn too!  I'm now onto my 2nd try in a divine deep 'kelly green' colour.  I won't have enough wire to make a bracelet so am considering using it as a central feature in a necklace ... we'll see how it develops :).

Next, I'm going to look at how I can embellish this style of bracelet with freshwater pearls and crystals, maybe even a 'smidge' of paua :)

I'm also super excited about creating with these gorgeous beads made by New Zealand lampwork artist Bobbie Pene ... aren't they beautiful?  I couldn't resist them when I was cruising her website recently during her annual spring sale and just had to have! 

I have one of the beads in mind for a creation for a friend as they are totally 'her' colours.  She'll read this, I wonder if she'll guess?!!

To view more wonderful Creative Spaces from makers around the world ... the Our Creative Spaces blog is a great place to visit.


  1. Love the delicate wire knitting - it looks amazing.

  2. Looks great! I've been thinking of completing one of Yoola's tutorials but wasn't sure how difficult it would be. One in Green sounds great!

  3. wow, that's amazing. good on you!

  4. Gosh Mel that looks extremely testing! And what an amazing job you have done. Just imagine it - sprinkled with wee paua.... ooooh... like a fishing net...

  5. Wire knitting is something I have never tried before and you have done a great job Mel. Thank you for metioning my beads. Happy creating and don't forget to share on my FB page your creations :) x

  6. Thank you so much ladies.

    If you can do basic knitting and crochet (although it's not strictly either!) and can hold a crochet hook you'd be fine Jacqui. Once you get the hang of it you're off! And for anyone that wants Yoola's tutorial, she's sent me a discount voucher for you to use ..... "To activate this coupon, ask your friends to start shopping using the link and to use the discount code that's displayed when making their purchase"

    Oh, that is exactly what I am imagining Louise - you read my mind!

    Bobbie - you're most welcome :)

  7. Another stunning result Mel!! I admire your patience and ability. A bracelet with Bobbie's beads will be beautiful...

  8. I still can't believe people will crochet wire, but the result is fantastic! Congratulations!


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