Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Love Affair with Agate!

I wanted to share with you a couple of this week's new creations mostly because the Agate stones in both pieces are just so darn beautiful!

How amazing in this piece of Blue Laguna Lace Agate?  I reworked the wire frame 3 times as the previous two I felt were too 'busy' and detracted from the stone - sometimes simple is best!


I don't know why this colour of Agate is called 'Peach' because it's so not!  More a Cerise or Hot Pink.  Those that read my recent macrame tutorial might recognise how I have made the wire bezel.

This Saturday I will be at Havelock North's Art and Craft Market in Village Court (9am-1pm).  Fingers crossed for good weather.  If you're local, do come along and say hi :)

Interesting jewellery fact of the week....  Agate was used in Egyptian rings and cameos over 3,000 years ago.   Can't argue with history!!


  1. Wow that is just stunning Mel! What an eye catcher. Love your creations! :D

  2. You have complimented the agate very well with your bezel work. Lovely Mel :)


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