Monday, July 25, 2011

Just a Minute ... July

Another month nearly over?  Wow!  July has seen me...

Listening to..

I discovered some old CDs when I cleaned out my car glovebox the other day - fun to play and get taken back to the time you were really into the artist!  Ben Harper (it must've been summer!), Guns & Roses (sigh), and Hi 5 (for the kids back in their toddlerhood :)  )


Viralex ... natural but truly icky - it's helping kick this nasty cold virus I've had though.


TV on demand to catch up with Greys Anatomy.  Not so enamoured with this season which may explain why I keep missing it when it's screening on TV!  Oh, and Transformers 3 - another reason I'm so happy to have boys!


Playing with wire ... this will come as no suprise I know, but I've been indulging in my passion A LOT in the past couple of weeks and have had some wonderful successes and the odd failure - but that's what it's all about right?!


How boy's brains work :).  I'm reading 'Mothers Raising Sons' by Nigel Latta.  Some great lessons for mums on why boys grunt answers and are so damn noisy.  I was telling my husband some of the content of the book and he thought it was really funny ...well yeah, of course that's why they do that."  Oh right, he's a boy too!


Making, making, making.  Jewellery of course, but I'm also on a mission to make curtains for our lounge.  4 BIG windows.  I haven't sewn for quite a while but I think I'm up for the challenge - we'll soon find out!

Well that was a quick round up of my happenings for this month. Don't forget to pop a comment on this post if you decide to do your own ‘Just a Minute …’ post - I'd love to read yours :)

Mel x


  1. Love the wrapped wire creations, I remember well my boys grunting replies, cheers Marie

  2. I love your highlights Mel. So understand about the boys grunting answers! Have given 'Just a minute' a go myself. You can read about it here


  3. Oh Yay Joy - coming over to read yours now :)

  4. My sister mixes us a concoction of spices to drink on a night for the winter germs - I'll take any bets that it tastes worse :-)
    Curtain making is exciting! New curtains make a room look so different (I buy mine :-D)

  5. That doesn't sound very nice Gill! Does she like punishing you or is it a tried and true fix?

  6. Your month sounds full and rich Mel - another delightful post - and your new wire work looks amazing :)


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