Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some Fun with Wire at a Market...

This last weekend saw me at the Havelock North Art and Craft Market - an enjoyable, relaxed market with probably the nicest stall-holders ever!  OK, so 4 of them are my friends and it's lovely to be sharing the day with them :) , but I've also met several other friendly, talented, and very interesting makers.  I have to say the quality of goods at this market is top notch ... really, really good in fact, and the stall displays are vibrant and fun.  I'll take some pics next month - at the moment (and I so hope they don't mind... probably should check... nah, they'll be fine..), I can show you some stall pics of May's market before it opened.

Wildflower Designs


Red Lippy


Sleep and Her Sisters
This is also a true 'makers' market where you'll see several stall-holders practicing their craft - it's just the type of market where you feel comfortable doing it!  An artist was painting, my friend Joy of Kazzalblue broke out her knitting needles (don't think she got much done between customers though!), a sewer was .. well hand-sewing.., another friend Ingrid of Silverworks was making her art clay jewellery and I was wire-coiling - I finished the peach (I know, that's what they call this colour even though it's hot pink!!) agate pendant, made a start on the blue, and started planning the earrings all pictured finished ...

Also finished this weekend... the hinged frame bracelet that I've made to keep.  I very rarely make things for me so this was a bit of a treat :).


  1. All the stalls look wonderful! I love seeing craftspeople working on their craft at markets, gives it a lovely atmosphere. The bracelet is gorgeous, love it!

  2. Fabulous read Mel! Love the bracelet, it looks like such an intricate piece of work!

  3. Absolutely love your hinged bracelet Mel and that you are going to keep:) We all so rarely do that, keep something we make for ourselves. The pendants came out great too :) Joy

  4. Oh I love this!
    I want to live there and be at that market too, it looks so welcoming and friendly.
    I'm jealous :-)

  5. Yes, you are right, it is a fun market with good quality crafts on offer.


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