Monday, June 20, 2011

New Items

Very pleased to have put the finishing touches on these delicious Agate pendants over the weekend and have even been organised and added to my website.  My week is off to a great start!

Also new...

Random interesting jewellery fact for the week .... Rubies are actually red Sapphires.


  1. Gorgeous new goodies, Mel! Love the colours and as usual, your wire wrapping is so neat and tidy :) A couple of best-sellers, for sure!

  2. I wish I had your wire wrapping talent! I am improving, but at the moment it's a big deal when I have time to get out my beads and such that it's a very slow (and frustrating) process!
    I love the colours you use as well!
    Sarah :)

  3. Thanks so much Amanda - one of the earring sets has sold already!

    Oh I know Sarah - it's all about finding the time huh? Practice, practice, practice and use scrap wire to start is my advice :), Mel.

  4. Your new pieces are looking stunning Mel - beautifully finished and photographed!!

    best for the weekend :)


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