Monday, June 6, 2011

Product Photography - and how I'm learning to get it right!

I recently purchased a new point and shoot camera and have been having a play with the different settings. 

It wasn't until I received an Etsy Success communication recently with some fantastic advice by photographer Jessica Marquez , that I feel I've got a better understanding of simple camera settings and achieving a good white background (which is my eternal struggle!!). 

I can't recommend Jessica's worksheets more for easy-to-understand advice on taking great product photos.

And seriously, who knew there was so much you could do to improve your product shots with a simple point and shoot camera?!!  Adjusting your white balance and exposure are the key :)

Here are a few examples of the difference these two settings make with all pics taken outside in later afternoon daylight using my light tent to filter direct sunlight....

0 step Exposure, Daylight White Balance Setting

0 step Exposure, Cloudy Day White Balance setting

0 step Exposure, Tungsten White Balance Setting

0 step Exposure, Flourescent White Balance Setting

0 step Exposure, Flourescent Daylight White Balance Setting

0 step Exposure, Auto White Balance Setting
1 step Exposure, Cloudy Day White Balance Setting

My Favourite! 1.3 step Exposure, Cloudy Day White Balance
Do you have any photography tips to share?  I'd love to hear them ;)

Mel x


  1. Mel how amazing, I am terrible with my pics, thus the expense of a photo shoot but definitely can't afford to always be doing that. Thanks for the very timely, helpful advice. It also helps to have stunning work such as yours xx

  2. Didn't you get yourself one of those light cube tents recently? They are super for what you are photographing. I actually have one and am looking to sell it, if you are interested. Your images here look like you are on the ball - I have a BA (Hons) in Photography if you need any help, ever! ;D Although all cameras seem to be different. My D200 tends to go for a cold blue cast whereas the later models are warmer. I have Adobe Photoshop and lightroom which can usually correct any colour casts, if your white balance is not automatically doing it properly. I also shoot in natural light, in a balanced place around the same time of the day.

  3. When you think it looks good it can always look better. I try to redo all my pics every 6 months or so to 'freshen' them.

    I am constantly learning from others. I find etsy people are (in general) very harsh critics and fab to learn from once the feelings have stopped being bruised :-)

  4. Oh great Mel - I do hope something in my post was useful to you. Your photo shoot pics are absolutely divine :)

    Thank you so much Louise, I'm still struggling a little but need to spend some more time playing and getting used to my new camera. I will def call on you for help!

    Ew, good tip Gill - freshening up on a regular basis sounds like a very good idea :)


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