Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kiwiana Felt Favourites and a new Slideshow

I had one of those 'What the?' moments earlier this week when I discovered the Bead Wrap slideshow I had carefully created some months ago and which displays on both my blog sidebar and as a page on my website had disappeared ... gone! 

Not only that, but when I went to the website that should have 'hosted' it, the domain now belonged to a tourism site extolling the wonders of Switzerland.  Now I've been there so I know Switzerland is beautiful, but I just wanted my slideshow back!  Needless to say, it wasn't going to happen :(.

Not one to back away from a challenge I've found a new free slide show creator that's super quick with some cool wee features - and it's in Picasa, aka, Google's photo editor - could it be any easier!! So my Beadwrap Slideshow is back up and running ....

What do you think?

Beautiful New Zealand iconic items feature in my showcase this week.

Browsing with the tag 'Kiwiana', these were just some of the lovelies that caught my eye by these talented designers ...Black Swan, Bronk, Cloud Nine, Annie & Zara, Stitched on br, and Jusju.

Red kowhai brooch
Tea Towel Sling Bag
Retro Style Kiwiana Fern Fine Art Print


  1. Groovy idea! You can get those from Craftcult for Etsy but never for Felt! :D Superfinerwoman. ;D

  2. Such a shame about the disappearing slideshow - however, this one looks great!! :)


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