Monday, May 30, 2011

Just a Minute .. May

Listening to..
OK, this is going to sound weird… hockey side-line support calls. My oldest son has just started playing hockey and it’s a bit foreign to me. I like to support (I stress … support… not heckle!), from the sidelines but I’m still learning the appropriate encouraging phrases to yell say.

I’ve just discovered Necta Kiwifruit juice with aloe vera. Very, very nice for a sweet tooth like me :)

My pedometer at very regular intervals. Along with 62 others at my work we are taking part in the Global Corporate Challenge in teams of 7 trying to do over 10,000 steps a day. Apparently there are 165,000 other people around the world all watching and recording their steps too!

My involvement with creative group, New Zealand Handmade. Stoked to hold the role of membership co-ordinator with this wonderful, talented network, we get to see the amazing work of designers/artisans/crafters/artists from all around the country, share in our mutual successes and challenges, and along with our other core contributors, have a part in promoting these wonderful people with NZHM followers worldwide. How lucky are we!

To go with the flow… not as easy for me as it should be.

This work-in-progess hinged bracelet has provided plenty of 'just go with it' challenge.  But the almost finished item is looking good.
I have the honour of making the bridesmaids and flowergirls jewellery for my friend Ange who, along with her American fiancé, Matt, is heading off to the US in just a few weeks for their beautiful wedding on the beach. An honour to help add some 'kiwiness' to their happy day :)

Well that was a quick round up of my happenings for May. Don't forget to pop a comment on this post if you decide to do your own ‘Just a …’ post - I'd love to read yours :)

Mel x


  1. It sounds like you are having a busy May :-)

  2. I can't wait to see the bracelet finished, love the colours! The juice sounds yummy too, I'll look out for it. Yes sounds a busy month!

  3. Going with the flow is a great thing to learn, well done :-)

    Good luck on the 10,000 steps

  4. Beautiful read! That bracelet looks like a masterpiece in the making...

  5. You are in a very positive space at the moment Mel.....enjoy it :)

  6. A great read Mel, I am also loving New Zealand Handmade,such a cool site filled with positive vibes, cheers Marie


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