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Just A Minute February

February's Birth Stone - Amethyst
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 Oh whoopsie, February finished before I was ready and I missed posting my summary of the month IN the actual month!  No matter, what’s a few days J

February felt ‘huge’ in many aspects of my life, I think this is largely because it saw the start of the school year and with my oldest son starting Intermediate there was much to organise with changing routines and orientation – he was just fine and handled it as he does everything with a ‘go with the flow’ attitude, his dad and I on the other hand, took a bit longer to get used to this new step in his life.  It’s the ridiculously small things like remembering to wash school socks regularly so there’s an ongoing supply that sees me come a bit undone.  And then our youngest announced that he’s put his name down at school to learn guitar and  also wants to go to after school Kiwi cricket … umm… ok… let’s throw that into the logistical mix and rearrange the routine again!!  I do encourage them to try anything that takes their interest so I really can’t complain J

Listening to..

Actually it was watching and listening to … Amanda Palmer.  I was introduced to her music by my friend Kya who is her friend and former college roommate.  Amanda didn’t have an official gig planned for Napier in her current world tour, so instead did a ‘Ninja Gig’ right in the middle of the Marine Parade to some fans, some strangers, and a restaurant full of rather bemused looking, art deco attired on-lookers.  I’ve said this several times to different people – one crazy cool chick.  Here’s the You Tube video her Napier Ninja gig..

Oyster Bay Merlot – delish.

In horror, with the rest of NZ, I’ve been glued to the tv watching the Christchurch Earthquake stories unfold.  As I wrote in my post for New Zealand Handmade’s Blog, the enormity of the situation is overwhelming, and it is hard to know how best to help, or if in fact you can help at all.  I think it is just important to jump into the fundraising opportunities you believe in whether as a seller donating items, or a buyer, either way you’re benefiting the charities best able to provide what’s needed most, where it’s needed most.  

To my friends in Christchurch – I think about you every day and so hope your life noramalises as quickly as possible.

Being alive, warm weather, sun, friends, family.

Life throws you opportunites (and curve balls) on a regular basis.  If you saw my recent post about how my new cufflinks came to be through an opportunity offered to me by the fabulous Sema of Artiflax last month , you might be interested to know a new opportunity has arisen from it and I will soon be supplying a gallery in Wellington with said cufflinks. 

Did I hear a gasp from someone?  Yes I know, I’ve shied away from supplying galleries and shops due to my desire to keep my brand true to me in terms of how my products are presented and packaged etc , can’t help it   I love creating each and every piece and I like to follow them through from start to going in the post box.  Even better if I get to meet the purchaser in person so I can see whether they look like they will take care of their items.   I’m just kidding about that last part!  It’s also important to me that anything I offer for sale is affordable to people like me and you lose control of this when supplying an intermediary.

This gallery however, comes highly recommended and the co-owner I have been dealing with is lovely so I feel confident and happy and actually quite excited to supply them my cufflinks.

My last market of the summer season – Hohepa Country Fair, Main Road, Clive, Saturday 12 March 9-3pm.  I love attending this fair and this year I get to do it with my friend Joy from Kazzalblue as my next door neighbour, and my bestie Tina, as my stall helper J.

And finally, a big thank you to Melanie of by Nature for this beautiful Lavendar scented Bamboo fabric Sleep Mask.  The softest fabric ever - divine.  Melanie is just starting her by Nature brand with beautiful lingerie and sleepwear - well worth checking out.

I think maybe I should rename this regular post …”Just ½ an hour”!! because I simply can’t achieve ‘Just a Minute’!!!

Don't forget to pop a comment on this post if you decide to do your own ‘Just a …’ post - I'd love to read yours :)

Mel x 

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  1. A lovely, interesting post Mel! Congratulations on being approached by Oyster Gallery - I'm not surprised at all as your cufflinks are great!!
    Best of luck with it all :)


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