Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Product Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration for a new range or product comes from the most unexpected places doesn't it?

Recently, I had the lovely Sema of Artiflax Ltd - maker of the most beautiful flax bouquets and arrangements  - come to me requesting two of my embellished paua bracelets to be included in prize packs for their 'Best Wedding Photo' competition, and did I make paua cufflinks? ... um well no ... but I could! 

I quickly ordered the cufflink bases which arrived the very next day, and already had the paua rounds from my recent trip to Carterton.  Inspiration quickly hit - with one set being made with waves in mind, and the 2nd a koru style.  I tell you what though.... it is very hard not to add sparkly bling and keep it 'manly' and simple!!!

I really enjoyed making these cufflinks and am now in the process of creating wire-wrapped rings and hair twirls along similar design lines.  So thank you so much Sema for the idea and of course the opportunity to be included in your prize packs! 

If you would like to submit your wedding photo in Artiflax's Competion - quick, quick it closes tomorrow - 28 February.  And you can vote for your favourite from 1 to 30 March :)


  1. They're fabulous Mel - so sophisticated!

  2. They are very stylie and I think any man would be happy to wear them.

  3. Thank you so much for making these for me Mel and I'm so glad I gave you some inspiration :) I've been looking for something like this for years now for my hubby and I just couldnt find anything, I really hope you add these to your site so I can buy a set for him!

    I was totally amazed at what you came up with from me just asking if you could make some, they are soooooo PERFECT!!! Thank you again you wonderful talented lady!

    Sema xxx

  4. They are wonderful Mel! They would also make an awesome 18 or 21st birthday present for some lucky young man! Can't wait to see the rings next!

  5. Very smart indeed, my, how stylish a man would look in these, cheers Marie

  6. Fantastic Mel. I love them and I am sure many men will be proud to wear them!! And women too, for that matter... ;D

  7. These are excellent Mel - well done!!


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