Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fruit Bowl Craft Jam .. The Pictures

If you read the New Zealand Handmade Blog, you will have already seen this post (I think I'm allowed to copy - I wrote it!!). But Fruit Bowl Craft Jam was just SO good, I think it deserves a double mention :)

Here are some pics featuring New Zealand Handmaders from the fabulous Fruit Bowl Craft Jam held 4-5 December at the Hawkes Bay Opera House ...amazing event, great fun :)....

View to the right

Sleep and Her Sisters (Katherine)

view to the left

Silverworks (Ingrid)

Sticky Tiki (Kim)

Erin Carver

Kazzalblue (Joy)

Soft Earth Art (Marie)

Wildflower Designs (Mel)


  1. It sure was a fun weekend, loads of people with very positive vibes, cheers Marie

  2. fabulous pics! it was such a great weekend...wish we'd had more time to all catch up! :)

  3. Wow Mel, looks amazing, and didn't your bunting come out well! Did you go with fabric, or scrap book paper in the end? Aimee x


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