Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Trees, Real or Fake?

OK Christmas, I'm ready for you now!

I must admit, I've been slower than usual getting organised this year - as I've mentioned in recent posts - two big markets, the Community Arts Centre month long Christmas Sale, and on-line orders meant I was in full on 'making' mode to meet all of these commitments.

Markets done, Christmas Sale stocked, orders up-to date, my international sales sites (Artfire & Etsy) put into 'vacation' mode and I'm all ready to get me some Christmas spirit!

Late last week, we took a trip out to a Christmas Tree farm where they specifically grow Christmas trees, replanting each year to replace the ones cut (so I didn't feel I was robbing the environment!), we selected a very 'shapely' tree - best one I think we've had in a while and home she came for some serious decorating, this year led by our 7 year old son who took great delight in finding decs he and his brother had made over the last few years as well as treasured items we had been given.

We had so much fun - and it may look a little (lot) haphazard, but it's special to us - and it smells FANTASTIC!
I would love to know... do you have a real tree or fake? what are your favourite decorations? do you have a theme each year? (my best friend and her family always have a different colour theme for their fake tree - candy floss pink and silver this year and it will look fab!).

(If you need extra Christmas Decoration Inspiration ... check out New Zealand Handmade's Christmas Decoration Swap pics... here)


  1. I have a fake Christmas tree. I would love a real one but my sinuses just don't agree. Our tree is decorated with a silver theme and I must admit I am a bit fussy with the decorations and don't let anyone else touch the tree.

    My favourite decoration actually sits on my mums tree. It is an angel that I made using a dolls head and a whole lot of creativity. I made her when I was about 8 years old and mum still puts her on the tree every year.

    Wishing your family a safe and happy Christmas Mel xo

  2. We usually have a fake tree, I really love a real one but I sneeze and itch for days so don't often get one. The decorations are always put on by the children, and are a mixture of precious items they have made over the years, and special decorations we have collected. Whenever we go to a different country I try to get a decoration to add. I always admire other peoples perfectly neat and co-ordinated trees, but ours is personal to our family and we love it, wonky tatty bits and all! ;)
    Yours looks lovely Mel! Have a great Christmas!

  3. I am a fake person too... I sneeze and itch with real ones as well. My favourite decorations are the set of odd looking angels, nails for hair type thing that a friend gave me... and also a pottery star that looks like it could be a cookie, it was $1 and I love it.

    Have a happy Christmas Mel and I look forward to more NZHM adventures in 2011.

  4. As kids we used to have real trees, but lately have brought a native NZ tree inside, which has been grown in it's own pot, and put it in a larger vessel to be decorated. It gets watered throughout and then planted afterwards! We've had Kaikatea a couple of years running. One year we didn't even have a tree! I have a miniature fake one that I put on a coffee table sometimes. ;D I love the handmade christmas decorations that are found at markets these days. It's so fascinating!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas Mel. xxx :)

  5. Your tree looks just like the ones I remember Mel... We also used to have real trees (everyone seemed to then) - it's that evocative smell which brings back the memories of childhood isn't it... I don't have a tree this year - instead I'll put up a few little decorative things around the house (some gifts - some bought) and I intend to do some serious baking. Last year I made a very special steamed pudding (it had a cakey/sponge outer layer and a soft fruit interior) complete with foil wrapped coins. It was a great success!

    I hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas.

  6. Thanks for sharing lovelies... I'm so interested in how other people celebrate Christmas and what traditions families have :)


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