Monday, November 8, 2010

A Productive Weekend

What a lovely weekend doing some of my favourite things...

Lots of paua drilling with my recently purchased dremel tool drill press..

A 'keg' hangi feed of duck, wild pork, venison, pumpkin, kumara and watercress - cooked by my urban maori husband Daniel, and shared with family and friends (forgot to take pictures of the actual food sorry - but it was good!)...

Two hours spent at Bay Espresso (best eggs benedict in town!) catching up with the lovely and talented fellow members of 'Made it Here'.

And even managed to make some earrings (two pictured) and wired pendants :)

How was your weekend?


  1. Your weekend sounds fabulous Mel - very social and summery!

  2. A perfect balance of joyous activities! I'd like to see you using that drill tool press... looks very interesting. Does it make a gung ho sound like a power drill? (I love those) ;D

  3. I actually look really funny using it Louise - with my full on respirator mask thingie, safety glasses etc. Doesn't sound grunty like a power drill which is good because I would be worried for my delicate little paua pieces - which I did manage to break 3 of anyway!!

  4. Hi Mel! Thanks for your lovely looking forward to seeing you at HB design market too! I still have so much to do and am feeling a little exhausted just thinking of it all! Hope all your preparation is going ok for the silly must be flat out. That dremel is seriously impressive!! Have a fab crafty weekend and hope you get some rest time in too. See you soon xx


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