Friday, November 5, 2010

Feeling the Pressure..

I love this time of year – the weather is warming up, days are longer, my rain sodden veggie garden has dried, been dug over and looks very ready to take on some seeds/seedlings (Yeah, I know it’s late but it’s in the wrong place, and doesn’t get enough drainage – we’re working on it!!), and the promise of gorgeous summer days, barbeques, and beach visits is in the air.
This time of year also sees me attending local markets and fairs, sharing my jewellery with local clients.  Usually, I limit to 2 markets before Christmas and one or two Feb/March – just enough to feed my love of meeting customers face to face and the enjoyment and busyness found in the market atmosphere.
I got a little carried away this year and committed to 5 markets/events pre-Christmas, and 3 planned Feb/March, I was thinking about another when a big red cartoon-like STOP sign appeared in my head!! 
In my defence – it’s not my fault – there are some ridiculously good events being held and I’d be a fool not to attend!  I’m very excited about the upcoming (21 Nov) HB Design Market at Ormilie Lodge – it had it’s debut last year and was a smash hit which was hardly surprising given the formula; quality vetted stall-holders + stunning location = FABULOUS event.  I missed it in ’09 with family visiting from overseas.  But not this year – I’m in! 
Hawkes Bay Design Market - Ormlie Lodge 2009
Next up is the Fruit Bowl Craft Jam (4 & 5 Dec) at the Hawkes Bay Opera House – a 1st time event, it’s going to lift the roof off anything we’ve seen in Hawkes Bay before – this is going to be an Indie Artisan market to die for (so excited, feel like doing a little happy dance every time I think about it!).
Smack Bang in the middle of all of this is the month long Creative Hastings Christmas Sale which runs from 21 Nov to 24 Dec – see my dilemma?!  How on earth am I going to have enough designs made?  And if by some miracle, I do get that extra hour I keep wishing for added to my day and get enough stock to cover the 3 events – ummmm… what am I going to put them on?!!!  I have one set of display items that I use for markets – that’s fine for two of the events, but what, oh what am I going to do about the month long sale? 
Right now, between making things every spare minute in my day (even at work in my morning tea break!!), and thinking about my display problem, I’m feeling quite overwhelmed, and not just a little inadequate!  There will be a solution I know it… just not sure what it is right now J.
I’d really appreciate any suggestions/solutions you might have on displays or optimising production etc?  Actually, I’m quite keen to hear from you gardeners out there too – tips for growing veggies and how to keep the bugs away?!

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  1. Hi Mel, Yes you are going to be a busy little bee. We have had our organic garden for 25 years, and the only spray we use is garlic. I place a handful of chopped garlic in a pot,add 8 cups of water, boil for an hour, let steep overnight, sift and place in spray container with a tablespoon of Eco friendly dish washing liquid. Happy gardening . cheers Marie


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