Sunday, July 4, 2010

Love Those Eggs!...

Finished this wire-wrapped pendant this afternoon and thought how much I would like it with a darker silver look.  *Light Bulb* moment - I remembered reading about a method of using eggs to oxidise silver.  I couldn't remember where I'd read it so had to 'wing it' a bit... boil an egg, cut it up, put in with piece of jewellery in airtight container and let the chemical magic do it's thing.
It definately changed the colour particularly where the wire had been hammered, although I think it's supposed to 'blacken' a lot more than it did - so I will research further.  Quite happy with the end result which has been polished to give a more contrasted look.


  1. Oh it is so cool, what an unusual method, eggs!! cheers Marie

  2. Hi Mel

    I heard about the egg thing too but haven't tried it. I bought some liver of sulphur and have yet to use it.

  3. Hi Mel - just love the pendant before and after, also really cool to see the effect of the egg on the silver. I guess it's the sulphur? Great idea for an antique or tarnished finish to the silver! Beautiful =)

  4. Thank you very much for choosing my "In My Garden" wellie as one of your Wednesday Felt favourites - a lovely surprise.


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