Thursday, January 21, 2016

One Little Step Towards Organised ...

Ok, confession time... organisation ... I'm just not that way inclined!

Well, that's not entirely true, I can be super dooper organised if I have to be with lists and all, but generally I'm the complete opposite.  There just is no in between at all.  I generally career from thing to thing doing what needs to be done and hoping I don't forget anything in the middle.  Is it having kids? - maybe - teenagers/pre-tees do see to require a lot of picking up, dropping off, and general running around after.  But if I'm honest, the having to be somewhere at a certain time with the right kid and equipment - and often failing the 'certain time' criteria - just makes my lack of organisation more obvious to the outside world!

So I thought I'd start small and organise one thing to make the creative side of my life a little easier.  And you wouldn't believe what a difference this has made to my headspace!

I took my shoebox chocka full of the things I need in one place for jewellery making (especially when I'm creating in a different room of the house, or even not at home at all), and my tool kit, and my wire storage bag and condensed it into an el-cheapo cantilever tool box bought from Mitre 10. 

OK, so that didn't quite work as it wasn't big enough (but I can use it for something else!).  Next try was a fishing tackle box from The Warehouse - longer, wider, deeper - perfect!  And as an extra feature you can turn the trays around and they cantilever the other way, ie away from the lid - I do love versatility!

Now I can find everything I need without emptying the entire contents, everything is in one place, and bonus - it has a handle for carrying.  My head just got a little less cluttered :-).

Do you have any organising tips that make your life easier?

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