Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Prettying Up Paua Shell and a New Bracelet

So the paua shell processing has progressed to stage 2 ... getting the 'sea life' and lime coating off the back of the shell!

There are two ways most people do this - hydrocholric acid (ew yuck) or a grinder (possibly even yuckier). No way in the world will I ever use a chemical that is toxic to the environment and dangerous to me and grinding is downright messy and requires an extractor, respirator, safety goggles and probably overalls for good measure!

So I've been experimenting with different eco-friendly methods I've dreamt up and think I've hit on a winner that doesn't require too much elbow grease either.

From this....

2013-04-13 17.43.01

To this ...
Photo 13-04-13 5 43 47 PM

Not all done as I'm processing them in small batches, and these ones still need a little bit of work but I'm pretty darn happy with progress so far!

On the creating front, I was keen to use some beautiful deep purple silk chiffon ribbon I've had a while and combined it with some pretty chinese Amazonite rounds in the palest bluey green to make this knotted bracelet.  It's super comfortable and I love the colour combo.  What do you think?  Shall I make more?

I have some great silk strings and other semi-precious stones I can use too

Photo 17-04-13 8 08 54 AM

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