Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On My Making Table This Week...

She's a bit crowded on my making table this week - downright messy in fact.  I'm battling with the dreaded 'too many ideas and I have to start all of them right now' method of designing.  It never turns out well!

Over the next couple of days I will be completing those things which are half done and trying to order my ideas into the 'work on and fully complete one thing at a time' method. 

Sometimes ideas have to be jotted down straight away no matter where I am!

Some simple wire-wrapped Agate pendants - to be hung on????

Not so keen on this free-style wrap - might require a rework.

Finally had a crack at a 'filigree' style of wire-work.  This one's for me :)

Trying to choose between 5 x Bobbie Pene Lampwork beads to be the feature between these wire-wrapped 'buds'.  This is my fav so far.

Yay - one complete!  My last remaining beautiful afghani lapis round.

from my earlier sketch, a bracelet beginning to take shape
What are you working on this week?


  1. Oh I do like the filigree!
    Great that you write it down - when I have those moments I usually pick up the hook and try one and forget the rest :-)
    I have a couple of orders in play, 2 shawls to finish and a blanket to start on. Also trying this new thing where the motifs join themselves - it requires a bit of concentration :-D

  2. Your work is beautiful, it's great to see your process, much more organised than me! ;) I used to keep workbooks of my work when I started, but I seem to just morph into spontaneous creations now.

  3. Lovely work Mel - you have been busy!

  4. Oh my goodness! You have a crazy fabulous talent!!!

    This week I am working on the Summer edition of Hazed, shortly I will be popping around to Bunnings to pick up some gold spray paint, and with this fabulous sunshine we are having... WHY NOT! Perfect weather for upcycling with a lick of paint!

    :) Hazel

    1. Hi Hazel, thank you for your kind comments!

      And I've heard whispers about 'Hazed' - I look forward to learning more :)



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