Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting Ready for the Market Season!...

As well as making some new pendants (see below), I've been busy sourcing and re-ordering point-of-sale and display items ready for the start of my Spring/Summer Market season.  I LOVE doing this, it's all fresh and new and exciting :)

1st came my new gazebo which is made of super sturdy stuff and is white which I'm thrilled about as I will now have a more cohesive colour scheme which was lacking with my faithful old royal blue number :). 

It arrived a few days ago but I haven't been able to trial putting it up as yet due to drizzle, and today it's gale-force winds ... wish me luck, apparently the record for one person assembly is 22 seconds ... I'll be happy with 15 minutes!!

Next on the list was a new banner.  My current one drives me nuts - NUTS.  It's too big and cumbersome and falls down whether strung to a table or taped to a wall.  We often do battle and I feel like it's a bad-mannered, cheeky kid waiting till my back is turned before it falls to the ground - honestly, we've had some arguments that banner and I!

So this time around, I've ordered the same size but with an image duplicated so I can cut it and have 4 small banners that I can put wherever suits ...

And then I've ordered re-prints of the all important labels and business cards...

And just because I want to see what all the talk was about and www.Moo.com were doing free Facebook timeline business cards + freight of a whole GBP2.75 - I got me some Moo cards.  This is one of two designs I've ordered and I can see I might have to go back and get some mini cards with pics of individual jewellery pieces on because they are just too cool for school!

To complete the look I have purchased some organza fabric to use as draping etc on the inside of my gazebo - can't wait to see the white with flocked black patterning which should arrive tomorrow , and I already have some plain black.   Oh, and I have to knock up some plywood boxes to match my shelf display - I'd better get on to that as I've almost convinced myself to do an outdoor market at the end of October which will need all of the above :)

(P.S. If anyone has a source for white plain tablecloths about 3m by 1.8m, that are crease resistant, please drop me a line - now my old banner's redundant, my next bug bear is my easily crumpled table covers!!)


  1. Wow Mel you are so organised! I can't wait to see pics of your first spring market display :)

    1. I'm quite pleased with myself Bobbie! Usually I have the ideas but don't get around to making them reality until I've run out of time :)

  2. I am loving your whole branding package... it looks great!!! and can't wait to see your display featuring all these new items!!!

  3. Aw thanks Katherine. You would've laughed at me yesterday putting my gazebo up - got myself in a right mess because I hadn't pressed one button and nothing was going up or down so I was swearing and cursing on the front lawn with my neighbours looking at me! But once I did get it up it was great :D

  4. I love that you're so organised!
    The Moo cards look quite cool - as does your banner.
    Markets are a bit harder to get into in Auckland, I do a hiss and a roar to apply and get dejected when they are full :-)
    Maybe this summer is the one for me!


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