Thursday, February 16, 2012

How my New Logo Came to Be...

Sometimes I think it's the random, unplanned ideas that are the best!
When I happened to glance at a shopping bag in my wardrobe recently, it sparked a whole idea about a Logo for Wildflower Designs.
This is part of the 'Rachel by The Warehouse' signature 
 When I sat and thought about it there were several things I liked about this graphic - the koru style of the black side, that the shape reminded me of a bead with a hole at top and bottom, the rounded and calligraphic style, that it looked like a heart, the two colour aspect, that it could be a stylised 'W' (for Wildflower!).  I loved it BUT.... I couldn't have it - it's part of 'Rachel by The Warehouse's signature and therefore someone else's property - bother!!

So what did I do?  I approached an expert and creative friend - Pam of Fantail Digital Art .  Pam took my request - 'I want something just like this' and - knowing more than I did that I couldn't have it! - started work on taking the elements I love of the design and my preferred colours and coming up with lots of different options and styles.  She really did have a challenge in me - I know what I like but not always exactly why I DON'T like something!!

And so through this journey, we came to this.... and I LOVE it - using my website's font, two of my fav colours, the W & D from my name, and a sweet wee pic that reminds me of a bead and is a flower!

My lovely new logo

Wee Icon in Teal
Wee Icon in Purple

 I've used the wee flower pic as my favicon on my website.  I've always wanted a favicon!  ....

favicon top left

And now I'm working on creating a new email signature incorporating my logo ... this is a cool (free) application I discovered for gmail / google mail emails.  You can do this too at  It has the nifty feature of being able to 'stream' your latest facebook or twitter (or several other social sites) status.

This is cool for some emails, although I tend to prefer a simpler look so am not sure about adding the status bit and tend to leave it off.
My Gmail email signature, you can copy the html (not including the social site status part) and use it in other email programs too
Thanks so much Pam :D


  1. Oh wow I have been thinking about branding and having a distinctive logo attached to all my things. I might just visit Fantail Digital art and see what she can whip up. Your logo is beautiful.

    1. Pam is great to work with Bobbie - and goes to lots of trouble to make sure you are completely happy :)

  2. Very nice indeed, love the flower, cheers Marie

  3. That's really nice, I love it! I want a nice favicon too...I used my initials, but you can't see it very well at that size.

    1. Thanks Bronwen, and you just reminded me I hadn't loaded one for my blog - so I just did :)

  4. I love your new logo, it's very clean, feminine and fun too :-)
    Hmmm, wonder if Pam is too busy yet? :-)

    1. Thanks Gill, I must let Pam know I posted about this, she could be in for a few emails!!

  5. Awwwww.
    Thank you so much for the kind words Mel. You were a pleasure and a joy to work with, and I'm so happy we came up with something you love. :)

  6. Browsing different materials is a good way to think of new ideas for your logo. The one you came up with is just fantastic. With its elegant and flawless design, it would sure be an effective way for people to notice your website. Best wishes and good luck to your future endeavors! :)

    Humberto Decius

  7. I found your new logo to be quite catchy and remarkable. In fact, this is what I really like in a logo. It doesn’t have to be intricate and full of flowing loop, because that might divert a person's attention from the original idea of the logo. The perfect logo should be simple, yet be unique enough that people can easily recognize it as yours when they see it. Thanks for sharing!

    Michelle Pittman @ Maverick Web Marketing


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