Monday, January 16, 2012

Using the ‘Everyday’ For Bunting

I really love bunting on stalls - I don't know what it is exactly, but I think it just dresses things up nicely and gives an 'air of occassion' about a stall.  I also love the range of bunting I've seen used on stalls and the way people design their bunting using fabric and patterns which match their overall 'look' eg vintage fabrics, or retro patterns, bright & bold colour blocking and liberty type prints.
A while back I did a DIY option for no-sew bunting and the bunting I made has served me very well, in fact I don't want to retire it yet, but having said that I do like to mix things up a bit and have had an idea for bunting of a sort.
While on a Christmas shopping session in Briscoes (discount homewares shop for those out of NZ), I came across these table placemats made out of thick felt and in a 'cut-out' style.

So I'm thinking I will cut the flowers and leaves into smaller sections and attach to some cord so it takes on a 'vine' like look entwined in a Wildflower style, or I could attach pins and pin sections randomly around the front of the cloth on my stall.

What do you think?


  1. What a great idea Mel!!!!!

    1. Thanks Jo, I'm excited about it but a little scared to make the 1st cut as it's rather cool as a placemat!

  2. Definitely a great idea, and love the black and white theme Mel, cheers Marie

  3. It will look very eye catching indeed!


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