Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Caged Pendant

I've been wanting to make a 'caged' style pendant for a while now and with my recent purchase of Bobbie Pene lampork beads I had the perfect opportunity with a gorgeous purple and aqua focal - these just happen to be two of my very favourite colours so I was really looking forward to creating this piece.

Bobbie Pene's beautiful beads

OK, confession time .... I very nearly gave up ½ way through - the wire frame wouldn't do what I told it to, my fingers didn't seem to want to behave, and do you think I could find a bead cap with the right size holes to fit the 8 ends of wire for the bottom of the pendant?  I was all ready to 'scrunch' it up, such was my frustration, and only stopped myself with the thought that 'scrunching' wire was going to hurt my hands - probably a lot!

So I put it down, walked away and didn't give it another thought for the night... OK maybe it was in the back of my mind because I don't like to be beaten!  But I didn't touch it again until the next day.  And as these things often do - suddenly it all came together - instead of a bead cap I improvised with entwined jumprings, the frame went from going in every direction to rigid and in the right place with just a few wraps of wire as I embellished the top and bottom with swarovski and preciosa bicone crystals.

YAY! The finished article is how I imagined it ... actually..... it's better, and I LOVE it :) 

And because everyone's different, when I list it on my website I will give the option of aqua organza ribbon/cord, or purple organza ribbon/cord, or my personal favourite ... mid-length silver chain.

What's your favourite length to wear necklaces?  choker, short, medium, long or suuupppeeerrr long?


  1. Very nice what you did with the bead and the cage looks lovely :)

  2. Aqua ribbon looks cool, often sleeping on things that are troublesome, work themselves out through the night, and in the morning things fall into place. cheers Marie

  3. That is gorgeous! So glad you finished it. I thought I recognised Bobbie's work in the bead stash!. Well done, you!

  4. Two words Mel: Gaw. Juss. Love it! And how funny - you and I are very similar when things don't go to plan...but oh the satisfaction when you walk away, go back to it and voila! You have ended up with something as utterly beautiful as this :) My favourite necklace length: just below my throat - weeny bit longer than choker but not quite mid-length - but it depends on the pendant/necklace, some look better longer ;)

  5. That looks awesome! I normally like my necklaces short if they are dainty & way long if they are chunky. I think that would look better way long!

  6. Gosh you're clever! That cage is so fab and really sets off the bead.
    I'd definitely wear it as a choker so that everyone could see it :-)

  7. Thank you so much for your comments Bobbie, Marie, Anonymous, Amanda, Rie and Gill. It was so lovely to return from a weekend away to your feedback :) - Mel x

  8. I do admire your perseverance Mel. Congrats once again on a lovely result - your colours are beautiful!!


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