Monday, May 2, 2011

Just a Minute .. April

A Divine Autumn Day in Hawkes Bay

Listening to..
My iTunes library on my computer and wondering why it won’t sync onto my iPod/Phone anymore … is it a version thing? Do I need to reload them all? Need to know… weird! But I’ve got Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam and that’s enough to last a good hill walk :).

Maggi Gluten Free Instant Creamy Chicken Soup – yummo.

You Tube. Quite possibly the last person in the world to discover how fun it is. Did you know you can find all sorts of craft tutorials there… you did? Oh.

Taupo Toilet Art!!
Our recent Road Trip to Tauranga over Easter. We overnighted in Taupo just for fun and had a blast at the AC baths – even in the rain.

Doing something to help… I mentioned last month that my work was doing a fundraiser for our counterparts in Christchurch… 40 of us took part in the 10km Fun Walk in Havelock North (part of the Run/Walk HB ½ Marathon). We were a ‘sea of red’ in our special t-shirts. Final figures haven’t been advised yet but we raised over $8000 which our Company will match dollar for dollar.


A new technique for making viking knit that is soooo much easier and better than faffing about with a craft wire ‘daisy starter’ . I’m thinking I will do a tutorial because it really is too fun not to share. Oh, I could do it on You Tube :) !!!

On being consistent over the next few months. It’s my ideal to create new pieces steadily so I don’t have a few weeks of panic at not having enough stock before the summer market season. Lots of design ideas and a goal of 7 creations a week … totally doable.

Well that was a quick round up of my happenings for April. Don't forget to pop a comment on this post if you decide to do your own ‘Just a …’ post - I'd love to read yours :)

Mel x


  1. I just wrote a comment but got distracted by something shiny while it was loading, came back and lost it!
    I can't help with the ipod problem, apart from to offer Stanleys services?! Hope you get it sorted soon.
    Congrats on the walk and amount raised, brilliant! Love the Toilet Art, and can't wait for the You Tube tutorial! ;)

  2. You've been busy :-)
    I'm also a late You Tube craft tutorial finder. Isn't it addictive? I want to try everything :-)

  3. I loved this post. I had the same Ipod issue and you can retrieve it... you go to the help section or google your problem. My whole library disappeared and I managed to get it back. Don't despair! It's in Cyber space somewhere, it's merely an access issue. I'm pretty sure the help section will guide you through your problem. I think I had a particular box unticked that should have been ticked, something silly like that.

    You tube is great but I wish I could afford to download all that data.... It's cheaper to go into a cyber cafe and watch it for an hour and pay $1!! haha. ;D

  4. Haha Pam, those shiny things are always my downfall distraction-wise!

    Yes Gill I agree - soooo addictive, I find myself starting on one thing then an hour later I've followed a path and ended up on a completely different topic.

    Thanks Louise, I will follow your advice. I realised it comes up with a specific error message so I'll google it and find the solution :)

    Mel x


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