Monday, March 14, 2011

A Solution to My Soldering Phobia

I have just discovered the most fabulous, easy to use product which does not require the traditional soldering requirements of gas bottle, torch, flux, solder, pickling solution etc and has completely overcome my soldering phobia.... 'Solder It'.

One spot of Solder It paste on your join (any metal), a few seconds in a lighter or match flame (seriously!!) and wallah - a strong, tidy solder.  I may well have just fallen in love!!

All that you need - bottom of pic shows two wire rounds that have been soldered and then hammered
Not the best pic but shows my 1st attempt - the larger circle which is a little bit rough, and my 2nd try with the smaller circle which is pretty darnn good if I do say so myself!!


  1. That is fantastic Mel!!! Believe it or not, I play with hot torches and molten glass all the time and I too have an avid fear of soldering. It isn't the flame that scares me but all the other stuff involved just to join two bits of metal. Where do you buy this stuff?

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one Bobbie - I think my issue with the usual method of soldering is the very real chance you can completely stuff up your piece or get it wrong and spend forever trying to rectify it! And don't get me started on the equipment needed!This Solder It Silver Paste gives such great control to the user and is ridiculously easy. I got mine from for around $17 (+ GST I think).

  3. OMG thank you for sharing this, I have projects awaiting soldering and I then I chicken out - will have to try this product, sounds much more like my sort of thing.

  4. I'd love to know how you get on Lynn. The only bit I had to think about was getting the paste on in the right place (I just dabbed a tiny bit on a piece of paper and then used a toothpick to transfer it to my join), and how long to leave it in the lighter flame - but that was soon evident and just beginners stuff, by the time I did the 2nd one I felt like I'd been doing it for ages!

  5. Oh wow Mel this looks amazing... I was taught soldering years ago and made a recycling trophy for my Mum's school (they are still using it today)! Anyway over the years it is something I have thought of trying again and have never had the guts or the equipment. So I am so pleased to read this post... my next question is where did you get it?

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  7. I am not much into metal work,maybe just want to close off some jump rings this is what I need no fuss.


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