Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just a Minute - January

I love summer – don’t we all?!  And January brings a fresh new year to boot which always sees me having a think about the year ahead and all that I want to achieve, see, do.  I wouldn’t say I’m a planner – I don’t have the often talked about ‘5 year plan’.  I’m not someone who can look that far ahead plus I feel to try would put a dampner on my ‘try new things, ideas, projects as they come along’ ideal.

Having said that, I do have a 2 page Wildflower Designs checklist for the year which keeps me on-track for things like reviewing my website layout, timing of my newsletters, etc.  I just love having something I can tick off as done – strange I know!

Lots of new blogs… well I should say – blogs that are new to me.  I had a cull of my reading list getting rid of the ones that are ‘kinda pretty’ but not really me, and keeping the creative and business sites I really enjoy – all of my fellow creative types of course – I HAVE to know what’s going on in your crafty worlds(!), also some very interesting NZ and international blogs on handmade marketing and business – there’s some pretty knowledgeable and resourceful peeps out there – my hat goes off to you.

Tomato juice …. Seriously!  So refreshing and I’m never quite sure whether I’m having a drink or a meal with this stuff J - love it.

I watched Inception again the other day – talk about a movie that makes you question reality!  Very much recommend but not one to watch when you’re in the mood for a non-thinking flick!

Life – watching our boys grow up is wonderful.  Our eldest goes to intermediate next week… what? already!

OMG I had THE best time at the recent Summer Silver Retreat.  You can read more about it on my post here.  Learnt so much and was inspired to order my own starter kit which arrived yesterday … I swear I happy danced around our lounge for a good 2 minutes!  I have challenged myself not to rush in and start making willy nilly in my enthusiasm but to really think about what I want to make with this new medium. 

Hubby has put his hand up for a ‘summer wedding ring’.  He can’t wear his normal wedding ring in the summer as works in a physical job which makes his fingers swell a bit so he wants a bigger one for summer.  That’s kinda cool huh?  He has an enviable artistic side so I will get him to design what he wants.
My new goodies

Me and fellow classmates busy creating
A weekend trip to Carterton to visit the paua factory.  Nice, vibrant, richly coloured paua is soooo hard to find at the moment …. Let’s see what I can find here.

Don't forget to pop a comment on this post if you decide to do your own ‘Just a minute’ post - I'd love to read yours :)

Mel x 


  1. Mel, I wouldn't be able to keep up with you... like a whirlwind you are!I wish you a great year ahead, with all your activities, and certainly a wonderful time creating silver pieces! :) Ingrid

  2. Am I Ingrid?!!! I think I just give that impression sometimes - I do spend 7 hours a day sitting on my butt at work which is where I often have my best ideas/plans! And you, my dear, are inspirational with your beautiful silver jewellery and calm teaching disposition :)

  3. Wow you have a busy but exciting year ahead! I keep meaning to do the 5 year plan thing - like my bank manager tells me to all the time, but like you, I think it would prevent me doing the spontaneous things that more often than not are better than the planned things. Hope you succeed well in all the things you have planned :)

  4. Amazingly organised super woman! I don't know how you juggle all those things - although I guess after a while it comes second hand? That tomato juice must be working wonders as you have wonderful creations Mel!! :) Didn't much like Inception, was a bit strange in parts (over the top-like). Check out 'The Secret In Their Eyes' for a great story if you haven't seen it... ;D

  5. Thanks for your comments Bobbie & Louise - just love it :)

    I haven't seen that movie but it's now on my list, maybe I'll be able to talk about it in February!

  6. Great post Mel. Love the pic of you and the boys. You are so organised and the complete opposite from me. I try to make plans and endless lists but get sidetracked and often forget where I put the list! Hanging out to watch Inception. I had heard it was great!

  7. I also enjoyed reading this post Mel - your enthusiasm is infectious!! Best of luck with your new kit... I do like Christopher Nolan as a director and will see "Inception" if I get the chance. I'll also take Louise's recommendation re. "The Secret In their Eyes". I've just read a Guardian review and it was glowing!!

    Have a great Sunday.

    ps. Iced tea with lemon and mint is also a great summer refresher.

  8. You sound so busy and so organised! I love the planner/checklist, what a great idea, there is nothing more satisfying than ticking something off a list! ;)
    I saw Inception and loved it, some parts totally did my head in at first but once you get the brain working it's amazing!


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