Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bibliographica Prize..

The lucky winner of Louise of Bibliographica’s recent giveaway, my beautiful journal arrived earlier this week.  And check out the wrapping – sheet music – how lovely is that?!
I’ve told Louise I think my journal deserves special writing not just my usual scribble in biro – so I’m going to dust off my calligraphy gear last used to do the invitations for my best friend’s wedding some 9 years ago.
Cellphone purely used as a prop to show scale!
I would like my journal to become my ‘thought words’ book.  I would say inspirational quotes / meaningful words book but that sounds a tad naff, and I mean it to be a book that holds words that spark my creativity or hold an idea/goal.
Now if I can just prise it out of my boy’s hands (they are loving the leather smell/feel)…..
To see more wonderful Bibliographica creations, you can check out Louise’s Etsy and Felt shops (I’m a little bit in love with her mini earrings! )


  1. Oh you lucky girl, you. cheers Marie

  2. Isn't it gorgeous Mel, I bought one from Louise, she lives on Waiheke too. I have gorgeous Red one and she wraps them so beautifully. I kept mine wrapped for weeks and have only now just begun to write in mine, and as you only special things not my everyday blah blah.

  3. It is a wonderful giveaway. You are so lucky!

  4. Very, very nice. I have a special handmade leather bound journal for all my sketches and ideas. It makes writing a whole lot more special.

  5. Very special!!

  6. So lovely, I know you will treasure yours! Love the wrapping too.

  7. So nice to see these Mel! Creating it was wonderful and I am pleased you have it! Please don't get too precious with it - be bold and don't be afraid! Equalise yourself with it! Your words, whatever they are written with, are special enough. xo :)


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