Sunday, August 22, 2010

Have You Seen This?... Honey N Spice

I’m always struck by how ‘yummy’ Rosie Riley’s, ‘Honey n Spice’ creations look – and little wonder – not only do they look great but check out the current flavour range:

#Kaffir Lime and Cardomon Creme Brulee (Soap)
# Almond and Cinnamon Slice (Soap)
#Sugar Spice Scrub (Soap)
#Honey Oat Slice (Soap)
# Ginger and Lemongrass(Soap)
# Pineapple Salsa (Soap)
# Rosemary and Tea Tree(Soap)
#Peppermint Cream (Soap)
#Creamy Goats Milk(Soap)
#Vanilla Latte (soap)
# Spearmint Lip Butter
#Chai Latte Lip Balm
#Sweet Orange Lip Butter
#Chocolate Mint Lip Balm

Hmm…these sound suspiciously and deliciously food-like. You guessed it – Rosie is a chef with a passion for flavour, texture and presentation that translates perfectly to her creative guise. And just like the menu of a great eatery – the Honey n Spice range is ever evolving and currently includes soaps, lipbalms, massage bars and more.

"No nasties are contained in any of Rosie’s soaps or lip balms. They are 100% Preservative, Colour and Animal fat free and contain blends of coconut oil, olive oil, apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, palm kernel oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin e oil, castor oil, honey, beeswax, essential oils, aloe vera, oatmeal and various spices and herbs

I am the lucky owner of a Honey N Spice sweet orange lipbutter – I use it every day and it’s simply divine!

Rosie has kindly answered a few questions about what makes her ‘tick’ creatively:

1. What are your Influences and/or Philosophy?

As a chef it is hard to separate my love of food from anything else in my life! Even all my childhood memories are closely linked to food. My pure excitement for flavour and texture is now a HUGE influence in my soaps. Also nature has always overwhelmed and humbled me. A lot of my inspirations come from places i have traveled to and the beautiful area where i grew up. Sunrises, seascapes and earthy power. I appreciate the small things in life, i live simply and take pride in the 'handmade'.

My philosophy would have to be all about keeping my work honest and harmonious.

2. Favourite product(s) to make and why?

That would have to be SOAP!! I really enjoy the first phase the 'science-y' part, add coming up with the flavour for the recipe. But what’s even more exciting is the turning out of the mould, ooh and the slicing!! I am like a small child with a Christmas present! I never know what it’s going to be like on the inside.

3. Have you any other crafty sidelines/interests?

Yes, actually I have so much on the go i have filled every room in the house with my work-in progress-reminants!

I paint, draw, crochet, sew, work with beads, driftwood, wire and I love creative classes and have recently studied courses in the fine arts, kiln fired glass, ceramics, and cosmetics.

In the range of cosmetics i also make lip butters, massage bars, body lotions, creams and conditioners alongside my soap.

4. Earliest Art/Craft/Design memory?

The first memory which springs to mind isn’t exactly art or craft but is my earliest handmade ware which i was immensely proud of!...When I was 9 I had baked a big beautiful batch of ginger crunch which i spent hours icing and cutting into tiny triangles and delicately packing into a huge glistening jar. I then promptly tapped on a padlock , stashed the keys in my sock drawer and exhibited my masterpiece centre stage on the kitchen bench, -to the disgust of my four brothers and sisters !!

5. What do you love most about what you do?

The excitement of creating a new recipe, or flavour (undoubtedly reminiscent of a sweet childhood treat) I love wrapping each slice individually and I love seeing peoples faces when they see and touch and pick up my soaps and smell them and go from one to another choosing their favourites!

You can find Honey N Spice products at and on facebook


  1. Another lovely write up Mel. I bought some soap from Rosie for my mothers birthday. They were all lovely - scent, texture, ingredients. She also included a lip balm for me to try which is very nice indeed.

  2. I can smell the fragrance from here, cheers Marie

  3. absolutely divine soaps, I'd recommend them to everyone!


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