Sunday, August 29, 2010

Creative Must Haves

I can't imagine living anywhere that's not close to the sea/ocean.  I hadn't realised quite how important this is to me until someone asked me where else I would like to live in New Zealand or the world.
Napier's Marine Parade

Everywhere I thought of was on a coast.  Now this is of course not hard in little 'ol NZ being a small country - but even thinking about living in Queenstown, Rotorua or Taupo - all of which have some pretty damn fine lakes and scenery in general was not enough to tempt me.  I need big expanses of water with waves and tides and marine life and salt water and sand - golden, white or black iron - I'm not fussy, even pebble beaches are fine by me!  I love driftwood and shells and even seaweed (although not so much when I'm actually in the water swimming!).

Westshore, Napier's Port, and Bluff Hill
I live two minutes walk from the Pacific Ocean, work in a building right beside it and when we go on holiday - it's always somewhere beside the sea.   Hmmm... little wonder I work alot with sea shells in my jewellery huh?  And that I love the colours of the sea - blues, greens, teals, seafoam white, turquoise, greys, aquas.

What can you not do without?  And where are you the most creative?


  1. I can completely relate, Mel! I went from Opotiki (where we are 5mins from one of the most beautiful, unspoilt and uncrowded white sand beaches in the country - nay, the world!), to Auckland (where I spent alot of time out west at places like Piha and Bethells Beach), to Edinburgh - again, right on the coast. The only place I was NOT happy was London...too landlocked, I missed the sound of the waves :) When we came back to NZ from the UK, we lived in Tauranga for a year...again, beachside :) I've come to the conclusion that I'm happiest near the water - lakes, rivers, the sea, it doesn't matter, so long as it's close. Funny huh? :)

  2. Hi Mel, I could not do without lots of space and green rolling hills, Mother Nature speaks to me, the crisp fresh air,the smell of flowers and the sights, oh my the sights!! a fest for my eyes. The Natural colors in the landscape blend with my wool and needle to create New Zealand Enchantments. cheers Marie

  3. Hiya Mel,
    I need a window to gaze out of - whether thats to the sea, the hills or at other people. Just somewhere to daydream too, though a blank wall is a bit tough :-)

  4. I so relate to that Mel! I grew up within sight of the English Channel, moved inland for work, but felt totally landlocked, even though I was still only an hours drive from the coast. I'm much happier when I can see the ocean from my house. Nothing beats a walk on the beach what ever time of year, to blow the cobwebs away!

  5. Those photos made me regret not moving to Napier when I was going to a few months back...I long to live by the sea.


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