Sunday, July 25, 2010

An Emotional Sale..

I have to laugh at myself and thought I'd share so you could have a giggle at me too...

While I love making a sale - it's great to know people like your wares as much as you do - I'm truly sad to see some pieces go to new homes.  My Sea Garden Collection pieces are particularly dear to me as there's so much time and thought that goes into creating each one - making sure the colours are just right etc.

 I had a very nice order last week for a pendant, bracelet and earrings but felt so emotional giftwrapping and packaging them up... and even worse... the lovely lady who purchased them lives locally... what if I see her somewhere wearing them... I might be tempted to ask for them back.. so silly I am!!

The truly strange thing is the day after sending them they arrived back in my mailbox ... seems whoever delivered them mistook the From address for the To address... I was tempted to take this as a sign :), but no back to the Post Centre they went.  Is there anyone else out there that gets so attached to the things they make?


  1. LOL! An interesting post, Mel :) As far as getting emotionally attached to my pieces - yes, I do. But strangely, once I make the sale, I'm overjoyed that they get to see the world and not sit in my studio, so I get over the attachment pretty quickly :) As far as having post returned to you goes - I've had this happen to me twice this week! Both times, the items were coming TO me (once from Aussie, once from Auckland) - both times they were sent back to the sender, rather than to me LOL! So I'm happy it's not just me that this happens to :D I was starting to think I was cursed LOL!

  2. haha..this is why very few of my paintings actually made it out the door:)))

  3. That is a good reason I wouldn't be able to make jewellry (apart from not knowing how!) I'd want to wear it!!

  4. Ahhhh Mel I can totally relate. I try most of my pieces for size and comfort before I sell them, and I have a few things (mostly bracelets and pandora style beads) that I can't bear to part with. I must say that as soon as I get over the initial loss I can move on to create something else that I again will have an attachment too :)

  5. I am totally grinning away here! I was recently showing one of my framed Farmyard Noises prints to a friend, who surprised me by asking if she could buy it. I had a moment of panic, wanting to clutch it to my chest and hiss "NO! MINE!" "My Preciousssss" lol!

  6. Thank goodness it's not just me! Appreciate your comments everyone :)

  7. Yes I get attached to some of my needle felted creations and sometimes find it hard to "let them go" it is always good to have a sale thou, and know that people admire your work,( which is lovely Mel.) cheers Marie


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