Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Did It!

This afternoon, I tackled something I've been putting off for weeks.  I'd done everything I could not to have to do it today - housework, shopping, general fluffing around, and was delighted when visitors arrived, further delaying the task.

Finally, I decided to just do it .... paua drilling!  I don't use the word 'hate' very often, but in the past I have hated drilling paua with a vengance - it's messy, dangerous (paua dust has barbs which have the same effect on the lungs as asbestos), and hard - drill bits do not like paua either!

But, I have a new tool in my arsenal - my dremel - it's beautiful and I love it :).  Kids despatched next door to play, husband busy in the garden, dremel set up with appropriate bit, water bath ready, mask and eye protection on, I took a deep breath .... really could this be so hard?  I've made a children's play fort myself from plans to sawing wood, to nailing and bolting it together for goodness sake..

Well I do not know what I had been worrying about - it was like a hot knife cutting butter...I LOVE my dremel tool.  Paua pieces appropriated drilled .. I'm now off to make a couple of brooches and a necklace!


  1. Good on you, you go girl, cheers Marie

  2. Well done you! I find that happens often when I am really not looking forward to something, I finally get around to doing it, I am pleasantly surprised.

    Your fort is amazing! you are so clever! I am noting down these skills in case we need a New Zealand Handmade headquarters.

    I would dearly love a dremel in my arsenal.

  3. Way to go Mel, looking forward to seeing the brooches.

    ... nice thinking Katherine about the headquarters!

  4. Way to go Mel - great outcome! The dremel is the perfect tool and good wisdom protecting yourself while you get used to it.

  5. Thanks ladies..In fairness, I should mention there was one thing on the fort I did NOT do myself ..nail the roof slats (that was hubby). While I don't mind heights - I do get the shakes on anything more than 3 feet off the ground. Shaking and hammering don't work!

  6. It always feels good to do the thing we have been procrastinating over, Im the same, i look at it, pick it up, think " I must get to this" and then finally the inclination hits me and when i have done it i think " That wasn't so hard after all Melanie" but it certainly helps to have the right tools. When I worked at the Bead Hold in Point Chevalier, ( It only lasted a few weeks i hated it, counting beads all day!! ) I had to drill some paua and i hated it! I so love the children's play house, if i had one i would hide out in it!!
    Love Melanie ( She Wears Shweshwe)

  7. Good on you Mel!! That fort is awesome :)

  8. Hey Mel, WOW your fort is aMAZING!! that is so very cool. super cool about your dremel too, my partner has one and he also loves it!
    Was lovely to meet you last week at Craft :)

  9. Well I never knew that about Paua and the barbs! Eeek! Some friends and I tried drilling some once in a moment of craftyness,to add to Christmas shell garlands. We broke more than we got to use!
    The Play Fort is really impressive too, go you!

  10. Thanks for your comments everyone.

    Pam - the trick is a good drill bit - titanium at the least, diamond coated is best. And my best tip is to use a piece of tightly packed foam or sponge taped to something like a wooden clipboard. Saturate with water, put the paua on there so it can 'cushion in', and go for it. Dust mask and safety glasse are a must :)


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