Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Have You Seen This? .. Redflax

This month I’m delighted to be putting the spotlight on the lovely and super talented Justine of ‘Redflax’.

I first met Justine via NZ on-line handcraft sellers site Felt where she has her Redflax children’s wear shopfront (http://www.redflax.felt.co.nz/). Little did I know then that her wonderfully encouraging, friendly and inclusive nature would spur me on to fully embrace on-line selling and networking with other crafty types (thanks Justine!)

If you’ve ever come across Redflax, you’d agree the brand’s catchphrase ”original kids clothing that’s good for the planet”, sums it up just perfectly. Beautiful upcycled children’s clothing in vibrant, funky retro and vintage fabrics with a real New Zealand flavour – ranges such as ’10 cent Mixture’, ‘Rata Skirts’, and ‘Fern Frocks’ contain sundresses, lounge lizard pants, headbands, and aprons in delicious colours and designs.

In purchasing from Redflax, not only do you get a gorgeous, original garment (Justine only produces limited editions or one of a kind), you can be secure in the knowledge that any leftover scraps post-creation are recycled for children's art and craft  at the family’s local Kohanga Reo.

I thoroughly recommend you become a fan of Justine’s Redflax Facebook page to learn more of her ‘Floral Frocked Floosies’ exploits (try saying that fast!), new products, and other fun happenings. I swear you’ll want to start your own veggie garden before too long too… check it out – you’ll soon know where I’m coming from on that one!!

Justine has kindly answered some questions about what makes her/Redflax tick!:

1. What are your Influences and/or Philosophy?
I am greatly inspired by the beautiful aotearoa wilderness – papatuanuku (earth) and ranginui (heavens)…I truly believe that to preserve our beautiful home we need to get back to reusing, recycling and rethinking the way we utilise resources…this is why I use upcycling in most of my creations

2. Favourite product(s) to make and why?
I just adore making one off elaborate garments – that’s why my 10cent mixture frocks range was created – to give my artistic side room to move! – and because this range is 100% upcycled – a great challenge and very satisfying to see things that are deemed not useful anymore, morph into a beautiful creation…

3. Have you any other crafty sidelines/interests?
I have been dabbling in felting, and needle felting – love a quick crafty fix! – I also love baking, and have been experiementing with cupcakes and macaroons lately….

4. Earliest Art/Craft/Design memory?
Ooohh….its a lovely memory of sewing with my grannie when I was about 5. I made a little blue floral elasticated skirt with the crookedist little front pocket ever!....grannie was very practical, and believed in sewing pockets on just about everything!

5. What do you love most about what you do?
Definitely being able to create beauty out of once unwanted things – very satisfying!

6. Anything you'd like to add?
I have to say I am also so inspired by the amazing kiwi artisans I have met (like you!) through felt.co.nz and facebook – helps keep me going through my creatively dry patches….and has definetly strengthened my resolve to support aotearoa/nz handmade!

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