Saturday, April 24, 2010

An Exciting Week....

It seems to have been a very busy week (maybe that's why I feel so tired today!).

Last Sunday saw a meeting of the Hawkes Bay Handmade group. Such an inspirational group with diverse interests but common goals - great fun, great coffee, and great things/ideas brewing! I very much look forward to our next meet-up.

Thursday/Friday saw me in Christchurch for a work (as in my day job!) related Asset Software Conference. What a great time - I learnt heaps, heard a motivational talk by Mark Inglis famous for his mountaineering and work with Limbs 4 All (interesting and inspirational man, controversial but misunderstood I think), got to visit a couple of bead shops in my lunch breaks, went on an all access tour of the Antarctic Centre (if you ever go on the Haglund (see pic), it's lots of fun but don't sit at the back on the left by the door ... you get thrown onto the hinge at every bump!), and the bestest, bestest bit...I got to have coffee and cake with Lucy (Felt), Justine (Redflax), Rose (Rose Among Thorns), and Mel (Black Swan) - not just wonderfully talented and interesting women, but very fun as well!  It was great to put real faces (not just profile pics!) to the on-line personas - thanks again ladies :).  Why did I not take a photo of us - I had my camera with me!!

Speaking of photos, check out the view from my hotel room at the Rydges... the occasional venue for Crafty Business meetings and Craft 2.0 - Our City O-Tautahi .

So now I'm back in Hawkes Bay and after a very successful morning of kids soccer - my oldest's team thrashed their opposition, and my youngest scored a goal in his very first game and got player of the day (so proud!), I've spent the afternoon playing with flax - I'm working at incorporating it into my jewellery (earrings mostly) and also as an embellishment on my packaging, and so have been practicing techniques.  This photo is a very simple bracelet band and ring ... as I say, rough as guts, but I'm not worried about how it looks just getting used to working with a different medium! 

Right I have to go take the boys for a bike ride as per their request, then I might have to have a 'nana nap' to recover from my week :D.

Enjoy the weekend everyone...


  1. Hi Mel. It is always a pleasure to read your inspirational comments on my blog and thought I should repay. I love the flax look for jewellery so keep playing and can't wait to see what the results are (very NZ). I think a flax base embellished with beads like your paua bracelets would look lovely for a bracelet or a ring. I think it would fit nicely with the environmentally conscious sustainable arts theme that is dominant at the moment. Glad you enjoyed your time away - I have never been to the South Island.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. Sounds like you've had a fantastic week :-)

  3. Fun times, and always exciting visiting new shops, cheers Marie

  4. ooohhhh....does that mean the earrings you were wearing were made by you? - i noticed them, but forgot to ask you - so many questions, so little time ay! it was so great to catch up - thanks for making the time!


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